CPAP Machine

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Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)

You might already be familiar with the most frequently prescribed treatment for obstructive sleep apnea–Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (“CPAP”)– because millions of people world-wide use the devices/units that provide CPAP. The CPAP machine has proven to be the most effective therapy for individuals afflicted with obstructive sleep apnea. CPAP devices provide just enough positive air pressure inside your throat to keep your airway open. The use of a CPAP machine promotes a steady flow of pressurized air into the nose and mouth while sleeping. This keeps your airways open and allows you to breathe without trouble. An open airway eliminates snoring, obstructive respiratory events and prevents breathing interruptions. Once treated, you will enjoy a much more restful night’s sleep, and so will your sleeping partner. A CPAP device is simple to use and should be used every night and during naps to achieve the most benefit. CPAP devices provide pressurized air through masks that cover your nose (nasal masks), soft cushions that are placed inside the nose (“nasal pillows”), or through masks that cover your nose and mouth (“full-face” masks). Some trial and error might be necessary to identify the most effective and comfortable pressure as well as the PAP interface that best suits you. Many adapt quickly to the device and reap the benefits. All-night, every-night, and nap use of a CPAP typically result in the personal experience of a noticeable improved quality sleep and in daytime alertness, energy, and mood. Not-infrequently, CPAP also improves memory and thinking.

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